Earn 75th Percentile Income in Year One



“We need help!”  This practice is turning away enough business for at least two more pediatric orthopedic surgeons, and has the numbers to back it.  Be busy immediately with patients that come from multiple referral sources while earning in the 75th percentile for pediatric orthopedics.


  • 2 Month Wait for Procedures/2 OR Days a Week
  • Opportunity for 50% Pediatric Sports Medicine
  • New Office on Hospital Campus/PA Helps in Clinic and First Assist
  • Pediatric Hospitalists Admit/Manage Patients Post Operatively
  • Open Ped Ors Block Daily at 7:15a for Procedures
    •            Ortho Trauma Group @ Hospital Takes Most Trauma & Unassigned
  • Medicaid Patients Reimburse at Medicare Rate
  • Largest Not-for-Profit Healthcare Organization in State/$400M Capital Improvements
  • 1 of 4 Health Systems in US with Bond Ratings-S & P AA+/Moody’s Aa2
    •            972 Bed Level 2 Trauma/6 Acute Care GS/Surgical Residents/DaVinci Robot
    •            New-$200M-ED/Trauma/Critical Care Tower-2014
  • 1.5 Million Draw/300-Physician Referral Network (150 Primary Care)
  • New 162-Bed $72M Children’s Hospital – Jan 2008
    •            2013 New Ped Ors Floor/58 Bed Level IIIC NICU/20 Bed PICU/84 Med/Surg/Ped RX
    •            ECMO Since 1988/Pediatric Residency/100 Pediatricians/60 Pediatric Subspecialists
    •            Nationally Known Ped CV Surgeon – Open Hearts-2010-123, 2011-170

“Our next full-time pediatric orthopedist will be very busy overnight and off their guarantee in 6 months.”



  • Best High School in the State
    •           $22M-6K Seat Basketball Arena/10K Seat Football Stadium
    •           2012-$26M “Collegiate Academy”– High School Students Can Take College Courses
    •           Without Leaving the High School Campus
  • Pre K to 4 Year-Olds – Full Day Public Schools – 20:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
  • 13 Private/Parochial Schools Choices K-12/Jewish Day School-PK-5
  • 3 Universities/Aeronautical School
    •            4K-Students-Degrees-59 Undergraduate/35 Graduate/10 Doctoral
    •            3K-Student-Degrees-34 Undergraduate/22 Graduate/9 Doctoral-Med School
    •            3K-Students-Degrees-63 Undergraduate/14 Masters/2 Doctoral

Everything Is Here!

  • Amazing Dining-Wolfgang Puck Bistro/Flemings
  • Well-Endowed Performing Arts: Ballet, Opera, Theatre
  • All Religious Denominations Represented-Synagogues/Mosques/Greek Orthodox
  • High End Shopping-Saks Fifth Avenue/Coach/Anthropologie
  • Trendy Rooftop Nightclubs/Pubs/Salsa Bars
  • The Best Housing I Have Seen– Palatial Modern/Old World Architecture Estates
    •           $640K-9583sf-5 Bd/6 Ba • $439K-5077 sf-5 Bd/6 Ba • $387K-3946sf-5 Bd/5 Ba
  • Golf at 10 Country Clubs – Host to US Open/PGA Championships/17 Public
  • Rolling Hills/Nearby Lakes/Major River Community/Zoo
  • HQ To 50 Major Companies/International Airport/1 Million Metro Area
  • State Income Tax Will Be Cut in 2013


Your future orthopedic colleagues have moved here from cities such as Beverly Hills, Seattle, NYC, and D.C.  Why?  Because they recognized the advantages:

#1 Place to Live-Relocate America

2nd Shortest Commute in the US


If you desire an instant referral base, time for quality of life, major metropolitan area amenities without the high congestion, crime, or cost of living, and stunning neighborhoods with instant proximity ;}"m=s the npleasa conteact fat<(800) 741-7629/strong> fr cvia><./strong>


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