The In-House Recruiter Partnership

The In-House Recruiter and the Recruitment Firm – a Partnership

The role of an In-House Recruiter is vitally important to healthcare facilities. They bring in providers who generate hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to a hospital depending upon their specialty.  Most in-house recruiters bring in permanent and locum tenens providers to fill gaps in coverage, to make sure physicians on their staff are getting time off and not burning out.  They plan, coordinate and host hospital/community tours, and conduct interviews (both phone and on-site).  A lot of in-house recruiters also do benchmarking, write reports, conduct physician on-boarding, host physician dinners, and some even manage other team members while managing over thirty openings!


So, with all these important responsibilities surrounding getting those qualified providers to commit to their opportunity, how much time is left in a day, week or month to devote their time to their titled position and recruit physicians?  For this reason, many facilities choose to partner with an outside staffing firm.


I believe the relationship between outside and in-house recruiters is not only necessary, but in many cases, prove to be a very fruitful and symbiotic relationship…if you are truly open to it.  When I think of our most successful partnerships, there are a couple things in common.  First, they see us as a trusted advisor, not competition.   Secondly, they communicate with us regularly and see us as an extension of their team.  By having this level of communication and transparency, things don’t fall through the cracks.   The best relationships that produce the most success are ones built on trust, teamwork, respect and accountability.  In many instances these attributes lead to true friendships.


It is undeniable that without our in-house recruitment partners, not only would their communities and patient populations suffer, but we would struggle to be a successful partner in placement as well.   We don’t know and understand the communities as well as they do.  In-house recruiters have the relationships to make things happen internally that we don’t.  We can’t navigate internal politics like they can.  We are not onsite for the interviews to make sure things go smoothly as they are.  Finally, we are not onsite to onboard them and build a relationship that will ensure retention.


I can honestly tell you that having been in this industry for over twenty years now, I have always valued our in-house recruiting partners and do so all the more today with all the challenges we face in physician recruitment.  With the shortage of providers and the growing demand for physicians, its paramount that in-house recruiters and agency recruiters partner up for the best opportunity for success.  I truly believe that you can find that trusted advisor if you are open to it.  We have built many of those partnerships over the years and look forward to many more in the future.


So what does trusted partnership look like?


Does your recruitment partner offer knowledgeable market and national intel to set you up for success? Does it feel like they are working only for their best interests and will circumvent your process if things are not going their way? Do you even hear from them anymore? Maybe the best question to ask yourself is, “will they continue to be a resource for me and a trusted advisor whether we are working together or not?”


Furthermore, you, the in-house recruiter should never feel as if the recruitment firm is there to replace you or take over your role; you and your expertise are essential to successful recruitment.  The relationship should not be one of contentious competitiveness but rather, that the recruitment firm is an extension of your organization, sharing the same vision and goal of finding quality medical providers for your facility and community.


The recruitment agency industry is saturated so it’s important to look for firms that have longevity and a proven track record.  The synergy and success that can happen when an in-house recruiter finds the right recruitment firm is truly priceless.


To find more information on this topic, feel free to call or email us anytime! With over 20 years of Physician and APP Placement experience, Pacific Companies has partnered successfully with In-House Recruiters in every state. In fact, approximately 80% of Pacific Companies recruitment work is with the in-house recruiter or team and often originates from that partnership. A big part of this is because our value and successes are shared among the in-house recruitment industry and we are often recommended as an effective partner.


There are many qualified physicians in the United States, but our job is to find the physician that will be the right fit for YOU!