The PC Compass

Advantages of conducting community and practice profiles… Our PC Compass Report


Our often imitated, never duplicated PC Compass Report has set us apart as a recruitment firm for over 20 years. Before we advertise a job opportunity, we actually travel to the clinic, medical center, hospital, etc. and do an onsite evaluation. This entails talking to the staff, noting what kind of equipment they use, and gathering as much detail as possible. This onsite evaluation helps us accumulate as many details as we can to create a comprehensive PC Compass Report, from the reason for the need to the call schedule, detailed job description, compensation, benefits, local competition, political landscape, contract information, interview process, detailed images, and much more.


But it doesn’t stop there. We meet up with a local realtor and tour the community to get an idea of everything the community has to offer; where things are located, home prices, schools, and so on. We talk to locals and get feedback on what it’s like to live in the community.

All information, the good, the bad, the ugly, is so important to have as we want to disclose as much as we can for the client’s sake and most importantly, so that the physician has no surprises when looking into the opportunity.


No practice or community is perfect and our physician candidates who have gone to onsite interviews have told us how appreciative they are for the wealth of knowledge and our extreme transparency. This is why we have chosen to call our community and practice write up the PC Compass. We are navigating the journey of recruitment and job searching and offering clear directions for both our clients and candidates.


When physicians reach out to a Pacific Companies recruiter about a job, they can rest assured that 100% of the time, our recruiters have actually visited the hospital and toured the community themselves, and that the physician will be working directly with a recruiter who is incredibly knowledgeable about the opportunity.  Our physicians go into an interview focused on the interview itself, unhindered by questions or doubts about the unknown aspects of a new opportunity in a new community.


No other recruitment firm out there gives the level of detail that our PC Compass provides.

We put our recruiters through one to two-years of training before they put together their own PC Compass report. We want to make sure they understand all the elements of the report and why they are evaluating to the level of details that we do. They need to live and breathe our process, so they can be the ultimate resource for both the hiring practice and the inquiring physician.


Like I stated in the opening sentence of this blog, our PC Compass is often imitated but NEVER duplicated! It’s one of a kind and one of the many reasons we were voted one of the “Fastest Growing Staffing Firms” by staffing industry analysts. Our clients and candidates trust us and appreciate our in-depth knowledge and transparency. Our recruiters are not paid on commission alone, so they recruit with long-term, sustainable matches in mind. Because of this, we have seen many inspiring placements and heard incredible stories about our physicians’ new employment journeys.


To find out more on working with PC Companies or about our PC Compass report, you can contact our talented Corporate Trainer, Chris Kahl, who offers complimentary consulting to both clients and candidates.  He can be reach via phone at 714-619-3085.